Who is Icondia?

About Us

Icondia is a limited liability company specialising in the registration of Image Rights,  with professional links to a global network of leading academics and lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property.

Our Aim

Icondia’s aim is to be the preferred choice for professional advisors seeking advice on matters of Image Rights, and to help those corporate customers add value to the services they provide to their own clients.We do this by working alongside professional advisors, managers, agents and PR firms dealing with aspiring or established performers in any field. We provide pragmatic advice in simple terms, and effect the registration of client personalities simply, efficiently and at modest cost.

Our Team

Our directors are individually well qualified academics, accountants, lawyers and professional trustees.


Dr Angela Adrian BBA, MIM, JD, LLM, PhD

Keith Laker BSc, Dip, MSc, ACIS, TEP

Gerald Morrissey FCIB, MSc, MSI, TEP, MIoD

Peter Mills, BCom (Acc), ACA, MIoD

Tania Shires, B.Com, LLB(hons), PGC(IP)


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